A Few Words About Us

Since 2005, our company start to ship every type of trailer. Proud to be the first to export tandem trailer with rockers since 2006. we are the first to export tipper trailers, plant trailers, 3-way tippers and many more models.

We also very experts in making customize trailers. Our trailers ranges from 500 Kgs load rating to 10,000 Kgs rating

Dongtai Yizhen Machinery Co., Ltd. is bought land and built our own factory building in 2011 with 28000 Sqm of factory arear where 14000 sqm of working under roof area. Our company started to build the trailers and export the trailers in 2005, the first generation of trailer suppliers in China.

Designing, Optimizing, Manufacturing, Exporting, everything all in one shop. Entry range light duty economic trailers, Heavy Duty Long lasting trailers, High Sides box trailers, every requirement successfully accomplished. We also experts in making Plant Trailers, Tipper Trailers, 3-Way tippers, Scissors Lift trailers, Digger Trailers, Flat bed Trailers, Car Trailers and many more.

We completely worked with the reqirements of different markets, different needs. Exported trailers to meet requirments of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, N. Ireland, USA and many more.


Why Choose Us

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  • Dongtai Yizhen Machinery Co., Ltd started to export the trailer in 2005, we frequently travel to Australia and New Zealnd to do research and understand how the trailer exactly to be made. We assure you the best design trailers coming from our company only.
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  • Over 10 years of experience, helped our company to make the best models, proud to say the most of Chinese made trailers got the copy of our design from 20% to 100%. Perfect designing,
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  • The most beautiful thing to work with us, we always work to make the best trailer at affordable price, not only the price but it stay behind you forever
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  • We always just a step away to listen to your needs, we customize, optimize, make it happen to meet your requirement always, this is our expertise, you may consider to give a try


Outstanding customer service. We bought the heavy duty 7x5 and it's very well built. Best value trailer in Brisbane. Highly recommend to anyone looking for ....

Steve Nesbitt

Bought some sheep panels from these blokes, pretty good quality and way cheaper than the local products, the manager guy has good scene of humor and the owner drove all the way down to deliver the panels, will highly recommend...

Susan Juarez

Really good service and good product and cost effective...

Shonica Hill